The Falathrim were the Sindarin Elves of the Falas and later Lindon, whose lord was Cirdan the Shipwright.


These are the Shore elves, the people of Cirdain. Amongst themselves they are called the Eglain (S. the Forsaken, class plural Egladhrim) or Telerim. A branch of the Sindar, the Falathrim settled the long western coast of Beleriand, being detained and thus failing to cross the Belegaer with the folk of Olwe. In Lindon, they settled Mithlond (The Grey havens) and to a certain extent Harlond and Forlond, becoming an urbanized and fishing society. They mostly have dark hair and grey or blue eyes. The Falathrim are dominated by certain substantial differences from all the other Elves of Lindon; they are sea-farers (perhaps only matched in shipbuilding craft and seamanship by the ancient Numenoreans), living in towns, and retaining the greatest continuity from the earliest Ages of any surviving culture in Endor.


Cirdain their lord dominates their governance, along with his nobles (some of whom ruled beside him in lost Eglarest and Brithombar), and has done so for all of their existence as a separate people. As Warden of Mithlond Cirdan is the leader of all Elves in Lindon. The Falathrim do not question his decisions as might a Noldor or Sindar his leaders, for his wisdom and long tenure have affirmed his right to rule.

Falathrim of Note

Aerandir Arminas of the Falas Celeborn the Wise Cirdan the Shipwright Ciranna Cirdur Elmo Gaerdae Galadhon son of Elmo Galandeor Galathil Galdor of the havens Gelmir of the Falas


Read Sil 58; UT 33.

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