A Dark Fairie

The lesser Maiar or children and descendants of Ainur of any rank were generally referred to as the Fëahini (Q. "Spirit Children"), which was Faelië or Faerië in Sindarin and "Fairy" or "Fay" in Westron. Different from these were the Creatures of Fairy, Animals who had been elevated and possibly given some kind of Soul by Eru himself, but who were neither Ainur nor the descendants of incarnate Ainur.



  • Eglarim (S."People from the Outside")
  • Imin (Q. "Small Folk")
  • Uidhelli (Q."Beings from the Outside")

Known Fairies or Fays


In the Book of Lost Tales J.R.R. Tolkien still used the term "Fairy" in the sense of "Elf", especially "Light-Elf" or Vanya, while he distinguished the later Maiar As "Fays", though the term was used somewhat inconsistently and was also sometimes used in connection with Faeries.


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