Faemîr (Strunthor)


time period
Second Age - about T.A. 1640

Faemîr was a Sindarian Elf and the designer of the castle of Amon Lind. He had left Eregion because of Lalaith, his wife and because there were no buildings left to build in Ost-in-Edhil. He had designed most of the keep before they left, but many changes were made on site. He picked the site for its western view, defensibility and closeness to a water source. Now that the citadel had been completed for many years, he worked to maintain it, wrote normal songs, and worked on developing new songs of power for himself and for use in the Hall of Sounding.

Faemîr was one of the few from Amon Lind that regularly interacted with outside people. Faemîr had arranged for the Giants to help with the building of the castle. He kept in touch with them and another group that he had negotiated with for live stock. He also made regular visits into Dunfearn disguised as an aging Dunnish bard, Strunthor. He accomplished this disguise with the help of a ring (made by his wife) that allowed him to assume the appearance of any humanoid creature he so desired. In this way, he obtained news and sundry items. He had managed to influence some of the people of Dunfearn, thereby keeping some of the clans from becoming affiliated with the Daen Iontis and the Temple of Justice, which he knew to be an instrument of Evil. He had also been known to take other forms while in Dunfearn, which has resulted in some Half-elven children in some of the Dunnish clans. Faemîr loved his wife but he became bored very easily and would have done nearly anything for a moment of intrigue or excitement. His wife knew nothing of this developed some growing suspicions.

Faemîr was a beautiful, well built Sindarian Elf, and he knew it. Brash, flamboyant, and possessed of a very quick sense of humor, his charm and good looks only added to his ability as a Minstrel. He was 6' 6" tall, with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. Faemîr was probably the best swordsman in Amon Lind and led most of the sorties against raiding Orcs and Trolls. He hunted Trolls in the mountains for sport. He used his longbow when hunting, but in close combat he used his sword, Anaurmegil. Anaurmegil was a Holy, highly intelligent Elvish longsword that was made of golden laen. It's hiltguard was shaped into a brilliant sunburst.


Original form in MERP:Fëamírë = Faemîr

Faemîr is considered a Sinda, so it does make little sense to give him a Quenya name.So Fëamírë here is reülaced by it's Sindarin cognate.


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