the Feäturi

By his name alone one can guess that Feäturo (Q."Spirit-master"; sw Av."Payâtu") was close

to the Feanturi, the Valar Namo (Mandos) and Irmo (Lórien). For many years he and his sister Feäturille were pupils of these two, and gained great insights into the ways of Spirits. Born of the House of Finrod Felagund, both were graced with golden blond hair and unusual amber eyes. In the waning of the Noontide of Valinor, the fair twins were lured by the guile of Morgoth. They, along with many others, fell to his charms—as did many of the Maiar. Fëanor was the greatest to listen to Melkor, but he was so strong-willed and proud that, while he was corrupted, he did not become true slave to the Black Enemy. It was otherwise with Elves of lesser stature. Featur fled to Angband with Morgoth and the Silmarils, but soon regretted his decision. He slipped away and took the Helcaraxe crossing alone. But the way was closed. Lost on the grinding ice of the far north he prayed to Manwë for forgiveness. The Lord of the Valar allowed Featur to re-enter Valinor and forgave him for his evil deeds. Mandos suggested that Featur might yet have a mission to fulfill in Endor, and the male twin was sent back to undo his wrongs.


OrigInal name in MERP:Featur = Fëatúro = Payâtu

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