A great and terrible Noldo prince,Fëanáro Curufinwë (Q."Fire-spirit" "Skillful Finwë"), widely known as Fëanor (S."Fire spirit"), was the

eldest son of Finwë and the only child of the King's first wife Miriel. Fëanor was the mightiest and most accomplished of the Noldor, and in genius the greatest of the Children of Eru. From the beginning he was a prodigy of unprecedented skill and formidable intellect, possessing phenomenal innate gifts of mind and hand, and the passion for an active and aggressive development of his powers. At the forge, none could rival him, for he was an unparalleled smith, craftsman and alchemist. He was first instructed by his father-in-law Mahtan and then by the Vala Aulë himself. To his credit stand the Fëanorean lamps, the Palantiri, the revised Tengwar alphabet, and the art of fabricating gems and crystals. His greatest creation was the crystalline substance silima which captured light and then shone continuously thereafter. From silima he fashioned priceless jewels, the Silmarilli, which preserved the only remaining radiance of the Two Trees. Fëanor's influence on the history of was profound. When Morgoth killed the Two Trees, stole the Silmarils, and then slew Fëanor's father Finwë, Fëanor resolved against the command of the Valar to return to Middle-Earth. He sought revenge on Morgoth and the recovery of the Silmarils. In the terrible Oath of Fëanor, he vowed in the name of Iluvatar and at the risk of everlasting darkness to achieve his aim. All seven of his sons swore with him. And many of the Noldor followed him upon his departure from the Undying Lands. Fëanor was not known for wisdom. In his excessive pride and anger, he instigated the Kinslaying at Alqualonde, the desertion of Fingolfin in Araman, and many other terrible deeds. Fëanor was mortally wounded in Dor Daedeloth when he was overwhelmed by Balrogs after his reckless pursuit of an Orcish army. His wife Nerdanel bore him seven sons: Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin, Amras, and Amrod. Before the estrangement bewteen husband and wife, Nerdanel restrained to some degree the excesses of Fëanor's passions.


The Noldo was tall (7'6), with raven-dark hair,fair face, piercing bright eyes, and an aggressive demeanor.


  • Curufinwë (father-name)
  • Faenor
  • Fëanáro (mother-name)
  • Finweminya
  • the Dispossessed
  • Lúthien or Delin


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