Fânduin Ruins and River Valley

Ruins of Fânduin and surroundings in TA 3018

Fânduin (S.:"Cloudwater";Q.:"Fanyanduinë") was the name of a river, a small tributary to the Baranduin and a Free City of Arthedain situated at it's well.The town had a quite large population of 4,100 in TA 250.However it's population declined after the mid-Third Age and the settlement was eventually abandoned by the late Third Age.


Original form:Fanduin = Fânduin

In the 2012 version of his article Population and Urbanization in Eriador Thomas Morwinsky uses the name "Anglor" for the settlement previously identified as "Fanduin" while assigning "Fanduin" to the place identified in MERP as Occum (published in Other Minds Magazine #13).


  • Population and Urbanization in Eriador by Thomas Morwinsky (published in Other Minds Magazine #13)
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