The Ainur are immortal spirits (Q.ëalar or "Beings") or Souls as such they usually do not have physical bodies or hröar, but they can take take tangible physical forms called Fána,that are manifestations of their spirit and they are able to abandon or change these shapes at their will as they were ‘clothed’ in their Fánar.If however, the Ainur's spirits are weakened this can hinder them to take new shape or at last beautiful shape again.For example Morgoth had lost the ability to appear in a beautiful Fána because he had started merging with the essence of Arda (leaving contaminated Essence, the "Mordo" or "Stain").If ëalar become accustomed to their shape and existance within Arda,for enjoyment of bodily faculties (eating, drinking, begetting and conceiving) this may deplete their power to the point that they can no longer abandon their Shape.In this case the ëala must dwell in the body that it uses, and becomes an Incarnate, a being tied to a physical body, a hröa.

This form of incarnation is a consequence of the axani (Q."laws", "rules") laid down upon the Ainur by Eru.

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