Euog, also known as Ulzog or the "Goblin man", was a Half-orc from Isengard

A servant of Saruman, Euog was sent to Breeland to work together with Doeth and his gang of rogues. His goblin-like appearance, however, made travellers wary of him, rendering him not much of a useful informant. However, Doeth would exploit Euog's willingness to bloody his hand to do the dirty work that was too dangerous or disgusting for him to do. To hide his deformed face, Euog came to wear a dark hood, making him one of Breeland's most peculiar outlaws.

When the hunt for Frodo Baggins began, Doeth and his associate, Bill Ferny, were tasked by both Saruman and the Witch-king of Angmar to help capture the halfling. Doeth trusted only Euog with the information that Baggins carried something very valuable to the Dark Lord Sauron himself, a figure whom the Goblin Man knew to be the "Master" to whom Saruman owed (though not genuine) allegiance. While Doeth and Ferny stayed at the Prancing Pony, Euog cut the ponies loose to allow the Ringwraiths to get their hands on Baggins and his friends. However, Aragorn's intervention resulted in the rescue of the Hobbits.

Euog did not participate in the ruffian attack on Bree, but instead went to the Shire and imposed the terror regime of Lotho Sackville-Baggins and later Sharkey (Saruman) himself. During the Battle of Bywater, Euog was brougth down by Samwise Gamgee and Meriadoc Brandybuck.


  • Dagger
  • Leather belt
  • Long Axe
  • High leather boots
  • leather cap
  • hooded cape
  • Shirt
  • Stockings


  • In Welsh Euog means guilty.


  • Middle-Earth collectible card game, the white Hand
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