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Ettenmoors, Coldfells and surrounding Lands

The Highlands of Rhudaur comprised an area of large hills, some rising to over fifteen-hundred feet above their bases.The hills , which ran in irregular curved lines from the southwest to the northeast, were classic fells; that was, they were relatively "young " hills, created by the violent uplifting of the Misty Mountains in the deeps of time.They were jagged and little weathered , holding very little topsoil.These features were particularly true of the northernmost hills, the Ettenmoors, also known by the translation of their Hillmen name, the "Granite Sea".The name did not derive from the many hills, but from the landscape itself, which was strewn with boulders and outcrops of granite.The rocks ranged in size from that of a child's ball to that of a large villa, and they were often grouped in crazy jumbles through which passage was impossible for anything larger than a rabbit.To the south of the Ettenmoors, the hills were smaller and the granite less profuse, forming the region called the Ettendales.



Arador's End Barren Moorland Coldfells Ettendales Granite Sea Grimwood Forest Hithlad Hoardale Plains of Gramsfoot Steps of Gram Tol Ascarnen Troll-fells

Places of Note

Abandoned Camp Arador's End Outpost Coldfells Orc Camp Coldfells Outpost Dâr-gazag Delving of Frór (Ettendeep) Glân Vraig Gramsfoot Grimwood Lumber Camp Grothum Hithlad Outpost Hoarhallow Hoarwell Waterfall House of Margil Isendeep Mine Isendeep Outpost Lugazag Nidor's Rock Ost Ringdyr Plains of Gramsfoot Outpost River Outpost Secluded Cave Snowreap South Tol Ascarnen Bridge Steps of Gram Elf Camp Tírith Rhaw Tol Ascarnen Ruins Troll-height West Tol Ascarnen Bridge


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