Etraim in T.A. 1640
Etraim Location
Location of Etraim
Other names -
Type Town
Location Rhudaur
Realm Rhudaur
Capital N/A
Founded Second Age
Ruler Baron Jeinal (T.A. 1640)
Summary last haven in Eriador on Great East Road
Inhabitants Men (Dúnedain, Rhudaurrim)
Language(s) Westron
Lifespan S.A. to ~T.A. 1975

In Rhudaur, the main road between the Bruinen Ford and the High Pass ran through the town of Etraim[1]. It was the last haven for those travelling eastwards across the Misty Mountains. Etraim was fairly typical for the settlements of Rhudaur created by the Dúnedain, and downright cosmopolitan in comparison with the not-too-distant Hillman villages to the north. Indubitably, the centre of power here was the Baron’s castle, built upon a rocky hill. Etraim owed its prosperity primarily to trade along the great road, and to the excellent quality of its animal stock. The town’s annual fair, celebrated during the summer solstice, brought to town merchants from places as distant as Bree, Fornost Erain, Tharbad, and Mathleisbaurg.

By the late Third Age, the site was completely deserted and ruined, and so little remained that it escaped notice by all but the most observant passersby.

An ancient citadel of the Ibûnites waited to be discovered nearby.

Etraim in T.A. 1640

(see plan above right)

  1. Castle. Built on top of a steep hill. The access road goes across a bridge that begins on an adjoining hill and which connects with the castle’s own drawbridge.
  2. Abandoned Temple. Once one of Arnor’s Houses of Healing, this ancient building was for a time used as a temple devoted to the worship of Yavanna, until the Barons decided to put an end to this heresy by sealing the building. Currently, the building’s state of disrepair makes walking near it a concern and the Baron is considering whether he should just tear it down. Meanwhile, some stubborn Valar worshippers gather to pray in a forest near town.
  3. The Merry Salmon Inn. Literally the only inn in town. Mayol the innkeeper is honest and deals fairly with all travellers and guests who do not cause undue amounts of trouble.
  4. Market. This great hall is where crop produce, livestock and assorted agrarian products for sale change hands during the weekly market. More importantly, it is also the place where deals made during the annual fair are signed and ratified by the Baron or his representatives.
  5. Dîrgol’s House. This surprisingly nice house is the “hut” used by Dîrgol when he is in town. Most think him just a crazy old man (albeit a useful one, clearly skilled in the ways of the healer), but Dîrgol is actually an agent of Arthedain who keeps an eye on the activities of Angmar in this area.


T.A. 1640

Aldûriel Baron Jeinal Tálissë Núrquén Dîrgol Disdre Softfoot Hëlse Jeinal Mayol Softfoot Thôrgal Lein


  • MERP Fan Modules: Forge of the Petty-dwarves and The Sacrifice


  1. Etraim does not appear on the original ICE MERP maps, and has been added here.
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