Estolad (S. "The Encampment") was the land south of Nan Elmoth where the Men of the followings of Beor and Marach had dwelt after they crossed the Blue Mountains into Beleriand.

Places of Note

Haleth's Camp Home of Baran Home of Marach


Adanel Amlach Baran of Estolad Baranor Bëor the Old Bëor the Young Bereg the Refuser Boron son of Baran Imlach son of Marach Malach Aradan Marach of House Hador

Estolad in SA and TA:


(S. "Field of Rest", Q. Estolatina) The eastern part of the wide plain in which the Edain settled, though the actual encampment is under the sea. These fields are pleasant, if chill, rolling in gentle drifts toward the waters.

Now it's administrative province of Forlindon, plains along the coastline consists of regions of Estoriand and Úveduinorë.


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2nd,3rd Age: Jeff J. Erwin:A Traveler's Guide to Lindon

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