Estarewas - Northmen of eastern Angmar

Some Northmen lived in the shadow of Angmar and Mount Gundabad. These hardy souls worked the infertile soil with primitive implements to make out a miserable existence. Most clans of the Estanrewas (Éo."Eastern Rows") or earlier Austrorathias payed tribute to local Orc-lords to avoid the constant raiding that took place in the North. Proximity to such forces of evil had taken it's toll on the Estarave spirit, for among them, fear and suspicion had taken the place of the valor and honor most commonly associated with Northmen.


The original ICE sourcebooks use the spelling Estarave or Esteravi, probably loosely based on anglo-saxon E(a)sta(r)(n) ("Eastern") and r(a)ew ("Row, Number") given the Estanrewas were the inhabitants of the east-march of Angmar.In the times of the ICE setting about 1640. The spelling Estaravë has also occasionally been seen. However a gothic form would have been used to represent the old rhovanian dialect of these people, so here the corrected anglo-saxon spelling Estarewas is used to represent the name of the people who were faced by the Éothéod and a latinized meso-gothic Austrorathias to represent an earlier spelling, which would have been common around TA 1640.

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