The principal healers of Gondor were the Estëhildi, the Followers of Estë. This order actually possessed Valinorean roots, and was first brought to Middle-earth by the Noldor; but the Dúnedain did not acquire its lore until the Elves of Eressëa shared it with them in Númenor. In Gondor, the Estehildi ran the famous "Houses of Healing" located in every major city or town. Unlike the Seleri Asnienna, the Followers of Estë accepted both men and women into their ranks and were dominated by entire families whose affiliation with the order stretched back many generations—often to Númenor itself. Less mystically oriented than some of the Seleri, the leading families among the Estëhildi occasionally claimed some special rapport with the Valië of their order.


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