Estë the Healer

Estë (Q."Rest")was the wife of Irmo and, like her spouse, was a caretaker of the living. Her concerns were with the rest and renewal of the body and soul. No Vala possessed greater powers of healing.


Este's quiet, gentle fana walks beside Irmo during the peaceful hours of night, the time of rest and peace.

Grey eyes, silver-white hair, pale skin, grey raiments.


Renewal, healing, rest, peace.


The placid, grey-veded Este takes care of the Fountains of Renewal in the Forest of Lorien. Both she and her husband reside in the magic woods, although she rests alone by day on the great isle in the mere called Lorelin (S. "Lake of the Golden Stars").


The Houses of Healing



Este's Principal Items

  • Crown of Lórien
  • Grey Robes of Aman
  • Healing Stone — A simple, rough hewn stone (7" diameter) composed of enchanted grey adamant.When touched, it cures any disease and purifies any poisonous substances found in one's body. Holder can touch another and diagnose any ill, mental or physical, as well as ascertaining the cure.
  • Cup (Lissicoire) — (Q. "Sweet Stirring ;" S. "Leth Echuir") Upon command , the cup will fill with a sweet wine of holder's choice. The wine is enchanted and, when consumed, will heal any ill of the mind.


  • Healing — Este can heal through normal means, or she can transfer injuries from others to her own body . In the latter case, she can entirely and instantly relieve others of their infirmities by simply touching them.In addition, Este can absolve anyone of any disease or poison that afflicts them.
  • Water-blessing — Este can bless any water source , providing it with the power to healn any wound, disease, or infirmity (short of death) affecting those who ingest its waters.


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