Eryn Vorn and the Black Cape

The Eryn Vorn (S. "Black Wood"; Du. "Coed Dunn" Os. "Urnin Morn", Q. "Mornorni") was a large forest on the Cape Vorn, a remnant of the ancient old forest of Eriador and was the most dangerous wild country nigh to Harlindon. This dangerous forest covered most of the peninsula called the Rast Vorn (S. "Dark Cape"), about 560 square miles. The cape was too rugged for most mannish inhabitants, but various tribal relics of the Elder Days still dwelt here, along with Trolls, Orcs, Awakened trees, and other evils driven into hiding by the Eriadorans and Numenoreans during the Second Age. Of the tribesmen, only the Beffraen raided beyond the bounds of the forest into Girithlin and Saerlann. They once had controlled much of Minhiriath during the early Second Age, and hoped to do so again as Cardolan withered away in the 17th century of the Third Age. The Drúedain living in the wood were relatively benign, as were the Mebden, descendants of Eriadoran nature cultists and the Daen Fionach. Ibûnites, unknown to almost all outsiders, still dwelt deep in the forest; while they were a bent and unpleasant people, they made no quarrels save with their immediate neighbors.The Eriadorans long ago had learned to respect that attitude from the dwellers of the Eryn Vorn. Elves never had settled in these woods (aside from a few individuals) and Gil-galad never attempted to control the region. For the most part, if enemies of the Elves retreated here, they were not going to return to trouble the Elves along the Baranduin. The coast of the Dark Woods saw Elven ships sometimes, passing south to Edhellond or fishing off the waters. A few small Elven warships were sent out in time of conflict to guard the approaches to Harlindon from Bar-i-Dinuviel to the west. Only the Elves braved the autumn storms which beset these Sailor's legends throughout the Eriadorean coast.


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Settlements and Places of Note:

Artgualchar Bore-Lled Caragond Caer Gurgust Carn Gasadaer Darras-ola-Ras Fogu Maellin Hermit's Cottage lost grottos Meur Tol Minas Thonfalon Nansret Ramradas The Cabden Traith Chefudoc Wedegog's lair


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