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Erkenbrand of the Drenghorningas


Lord of Westfold
Erkenwald Drenghorn (Brother)
Heruwyn of the Drenghorningas (Sister)
Erkstad of the Drenghorningas (Brother)
Guma of the Drenghorningas (1st Wife)
Cenbryth of the Drenghorningas (Second Wife)
Durranmund of the Drenghorningas (Son)
Deorlaese of the Drenghorningas (Daughter)
Therowan of the Drenghorningas (Son)

A Rohirric Warrior and Thane, Erkenbrand of the House Drenghorn was the Marshall of the Westfold in Rohan at the outbreak of the War of the Ring. When Prince Theodred died at the First Battle of the Fords of Isen, he assumed command over the forces in the West-mark from his fortified residence in the Hornburg at Helms Deep. He commanded Grimbold and his Riders to join Elfhelm against the Men and Orcs of the White Hand at the Second Battle of the Fords of Isen. Although they were defeated, they mustered their scattered forces and regrouped under Erkenbrand, just in time to attack Saruman's army at Helm's Deep, He became Marshall of the West-mark under King Eomer after the War. He is also a descendant of Alebrand Erkenscyld, who too served as Marshall of the West-mark.


  • Black Horn of the Westfold
  • the Red Shield


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