Erennis was a Sorceress who planned to sabotage the Morannon defenses for a huge Easterling surprise attack under cover of a fog created by her.

the Story

One Day a beautiful Dúnadan woman by the name of Erennis arrived at the Morannon, accompanied only by an aged valet and saying that she was fleeing bandits on the road. Within hours she had charmed the garrison officers with her smile and soft words. Then, a freak change in the weather and subsequent dense fog stranded her there for perhaps days (fogs lasting several days were not unheard-of, coming from the Dead Marshes). However, one adventurer staying at the tower overheard her talking with a Captain in a Tower garden. It was apparent that she had cast some sort of spell upon him, and from her words it became clear that she was actually an agent of the Easterlings.


  • ICE MERP: Teeth of Mordor
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