Er-Ûrîphêr (S.A. 2795-2899) was a Númenórean woman who was the second daughter of Ar-Adûnakhôr and Pharâzindil, the younger sister of Er-Zôrzimril, and elder sister of Ar-Zimrathôn. Unlike her family, Er-Ûrîphêr was secretly learning the Elven tongues, but her father forbade her any person speaking of the language in his presence. Angered by her father's foolish words, Ûrîphêr joined the Faithful, but that was when her siblings learned of this and ended up arrested. When her mother, sister, and brother tried to convince her to put a stop to this, Ûrîphêr refused since she saw how wrong it was to rebel against the Valar. This act of resistance would lead her to her sudden execution at the hands of her father.


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