Eorl (TA 2485-2545), also known as Eorl the Young was Lord of Éothéod and the first King of Rohan.  

In TA 2495, Eorl's father Léod was killed while trying to tame Felaróf, the first of the mearas. As a weregild for this, Felaróf subsequently submitted himself to Eorl, and thereafter became his steed.

In TA 2510, answering a summons for aid from Steward Cirion of Gondor, Eorl and his Riders defeated an army of Balchoth and Orcs in the Battle of the Field of Celebrant.  As a reward for their service, the Éothéod were given the Gondorian province of Calenardhon, and Eorl swore the Oath of Eorl. The Kingdom of Rohan was soon established, with Eorl as its first king.

Eorl was slain in battle with Easterlings in the Wold in TA 2545.


Eorl was a great warrior and horse-master. He was known as Eorl "the Young" because he succeeded his father Léod in his youth and kept his yellow hair throughout his life.


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