The Guldur Hills

The Emyn Guldur (S. "Hills of Sorcery") ran from the barren valley of Nan Lanc northeastward through southern Mirkwood.

Deep in the shadows of southern Mirkwood they formed the very core of the Shadow over the great Forest.Here, the Necromancer's reach was strongest, for his curse was deeply sown into the soul of the surrounding Rhovanion landscape. It was the darkest quarter of Mirkwood.Numerous patrols of Orcs, War-wolves, and Wargs guarded the southern Emyn Guldur. They were watched, in turn, by the winged servants of the Necromancer, creatures assigned to a skyborne vigil that stretched as far north as the Men-i-Naugrim (S. "Way of Dwarves"). "Fell Beasts" (Rh. Winanbanar, or "Friend-slayers") had made their home in the highlands of Mirkwood, usually in high caves or on shelves beneath overhangs of rock. A number of them were spread throughout the Emyn Guldur.

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