The Tower Hills

The Tower Hills (S. "Emyn Beraid") were steep chalk downs marking the approximate boundary between Siragalë and Lindon. A Palantír which looked constantly towards Valinor was kept in Elostirion, a tower on the tallest of the Emyn Beraid.


A range of gentle chalk hills broken by steep gorges (as a result of the the breaking of the Ered Luin in the end of the First Age). The hills ranged between 750 to 950 feet in height and range over 1,150 square miles. They were the home of Nandorin elves. The names of the three towers were Elostirion (Q. "Star-fortress"), the middle and tallest, Ivrostirion (Q."Moon-Fortress") the northern, and Árëstirion (Q. "Sun-fortress"), the southern. Each was manned by several dozen mortals during the times of Arnor.

The Three towers had been built by Gil-galad in the early Second Age to survey the heights, warn of enemies and overlook the distant bay, though the Elves did found more pleasing accomodations in the scattered forests of the hills. After the return of the Numenorean mariners to Middle-earth, they were permitted to use the towers for astronomical observation. This license was extended and a permanent settlement of the Faithful lived at the Towers between the dissolution of the Venturers and the Downfall. When Elendil decided on the placement of the palantiri, it was found that the orb viewed from Elostirion, the tallest of the three towers, could pierce the shroud that shielded Eldamar from mortal eyes, and look upon the peak of Andoróthe tip of Meneltarma, now a mere basalt islet or sea-mount. So to satisfy the longings of both Elves and Dunedain, it sat there unmolested through to the Fourth Age, guarded by mortal mystics and the visiting Calaquendi, for whom it became a place of pilgrimage before taking ship. The palantir of Elostirion was removed and taken West by Elrond in T.A. 3021.

These hills were little visited by mortals or the troubles of the world for most of the later Third Age.After FA 30, the Westmarch of the Shire nominally extended into the hills as far as the watershed line.Undertowers, built where the Great East Road climbed up towards the line.It was the largest village of the province.However, Elves roamed these green, forested slopes, and Hobbits were leery of meeting them. Fastred, the Warden of Westmarch, had little problem with Hobbit farmers crossing the line into Lindon, but quite a few problems with Hobbit treasure hunters digging into old Elvish campsites.


  • "Ambani Bardio" (Q.)
  • "Ambin Mberedion" (Os.)
  • Emyn Gwahaedir
  • Emyn Hen Dúnadan


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