The Emyn-i-Thang

Perhaps the most dangerous part of Mirkwood was in the southern part of the forest, the highlands through what were locally

called the Emyn-i-Thang (S. "Hills of Oppression"), the western foothills of the Mountains of Mirkwood.They served as a sanctuary for those forces of Darkness journeying from Dol Guldur to Angmar; it also harbored Orcs assigned to guard this crucial Sauronic artery. The Black Troll warrior Wodûrishak (B.S. "Horse-slayer") was lord of the area and commanded a host of some 180 lesser Orcs, 30 Uruks, 30 Wolves, countless Cave-bats, and 5 other Ologs. Their main hold was built in the caves above the Northman ruin at Tumsarna (S. "Vale of Scree").

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