Emêr was the name of the great lands south of Vog Mur.


In ancient times Emêr had been settled by early mannish races, secretly supported by the College of Loremasters, these cultures included the Yintêni, Tarâni and Wôrim and later the Lân and Aldâri.After these early waves of settlers arrived the Anzêti, Yâderi, Yinêri, Kinsai, Kulûku, Lankâni, Nuyâni, Ôkhu, Quaidu, Sháy, Talath, Vayâri, Lydian and Y’nari. The aboriginal Thesian race was often believed to be a remnant of the otherwise extinct Yintêni.

Non-mannish inhabitants included Dwarves (Nômari, divided into four distinct tribes), Elves (Linaeri, Lôari, Dyari, Erlîni and Shulúri), Giants as well as Orc- and Troll-kind (including Garks, Krals, Lugroki, Murlogi, and Trôgli).


In a long gone age Old Emêrian was a language which had united most of Emêr, later however tribal descendants of Sháyan became the new common tongue of Emêr.


Originally Emer is the greatest continent of Shadow World's Kulthea setting.If the Vog Mur Setting shall be adapted to a Middle-Earth background, Emer could probably be interpreted as Southernesse or parts of it (possibly the middle continent).


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