The daughter of Dior and Nimloth, Elwing the White (S."Star-foam") escaped during the attack by Orcs on Menegroth, along with her brothers Elured and Elurin. She departed with the Nauglamir and its Silmaril, finding refuge with the Elves who dwelt by the mouths of the river Sirion. There she married Earendil and bore him two sons: Elrond and Elros. But the Sons of Feanor sought the Silmaril at Elwing's home in Arvernien, and so she arranged for the escape of her children and she cast herself with the jewel into the sea. Ulmo saved her, however, turning her into a bird. Reunited with Earendil, they won through the Shadowy Seas, and while Earendil spoke to the Valar, Elwing persuaded the Teleri to sail the ships of the Host of Valinor. Elwing was the first to make the choice of the Halfelven; she remained of the Firstborn. She could speak with birds and was considered their patron, especially the birds of the Sea.


  • fairest of women save Luthien
  • brown hair
  • bright ivory-white skin


  • Ailuvin
  • Ailwing
  • Sleeper in the Tower of Pearl
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