Elu Thingol (S."Elu Grey-Mantle" or "Elwe Sindacollo" in Quenya) was King of the Teleri, the third and last, yet most populous, of the Elda kindreds. He was considered High King of the Elves east of the sea. Though he longed for Valinor, his fate became inextricably bound to Middle-earth by his love for Melian the Maia. While he wandered love-struck through the forests of Nan Elmoth, his brother Olwe led the Teleri over the sea. A few who did not think Elwe dead remained. When the King found these steadfast ones, he remained with them and renounced his journey to the Undying Lands. Melian wed Elwe and bore him their lovely daughter Luthien Tinuviel. For many years Elwe ruled Doriath guided by his own wisdom and the foresight of his Queen. Suspicion developed between the Sindar and the Noldor when the latter did not recognize Elwe's authority as High King in Beleriand—and so flouted his wish for no interference by them in the affairs of the Teleri. Elwe refused all intercourse with the House of Feanor after he learned of the Kinslaying at Alqualonde, forbade the speaking of Quenya in his realm, and denied the Edain enterance into Doriath. His domain prospered for many years. Elwe's doom took shape when he acted to prevent the marriage of Luthien to the heroic Adan Beren by demanding a Silmaril as bride price. After great and terrible adventure, Beren obtained one of the gems from Morgoth's crown and brought it to Doriath's King. Thus Elwe's fate was sealed. He withstood the jealous, oathbound sons of Feanor, but he could not resist the beauty of the jewel which entrapped him. When he set the Silmaril in the Nauglamir (a Dwarvish present received from Hurin) and displayed it before those with even less resistence to its light than he, the Dwarves, coveting the treasure, slew him. Although of the Umanyar, Elwe was accounted a Calaquende because he witnessed the light of Aman when he traveled to the Undying Lands with Finwe and Ingwe before the Eldar began their long journey west.Usually cautious and wise, he grew proud and angry upon encountering injustice.


He was the tallest of Eru's children, standing an unprecedented 8'2" and had beautiful long grey silver locks and eyes like silver stars.


Important Dates:

  • Died circa I.A. 505.



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