Elros Tar-Minyatur


Time Period
F.A. 532 - S.A. 442

Elros (Q."Star-spray") was the brother of Elrond, and the son of Eärendil and Elwing. As such, he was of Peredhil, or "Half-elven", blood. He grew up in the final stages of the First Age, and was protected in youth by Maedhros from the Kinslayings of his brothers. They were thus under the protection of the Sons of Feänor during the War of Wrath, and thus matured during said conflict. Once grown, he was given the choice of immortality or the "Gift of Death, "just like Elrond. Unlike his brother, however. Elros chose mortality and joined the ranks of Mortal Men. Elros became the High-king of the Edain. His people were victorious during the waning days of the First Age and, for their valiance during the wars against Morgoth, the Valar granted their many survivors and descendants a special prize. They received the blessed isle of Númenor, which rose out of the Great Sea, west of Endor and east of the Undying Lands. Their new home was just within sight of Tol Eressea, and lay on the edge of the Light of Aman. As the Adan Lord, Elros took the title of Tar-Minyatur and became the first King of Numenor, guiding fleets of his people in great social caravans to the island and guiding them to tremendous socio-economic success. He built his fabulous palace and tower at Armenelos, and around it the great Númenórean capital of Annuminas sprung as his people settled and built their great structures. Because of his incredible and rewarded deeds and his great lineage the Valar granted Elros a long life and a youthful nature, over 500 years. His children, Vardamir and his younger siblings, as well as their descendants were the Kings of Numenor and its successor Kingdoms: Arnor and Gondor.


  • tall
  • pale skin
  • dark brown hair

Elros' Principal Items:

Elros was the first King of Numenor, and his items were the hereditary property of his successors.

  • Sceptre of Numenor— (Sceptre of Armenelos) sceptre fashioned of plain, unadorned gold, but carved with a spiral of Tengwar letters depicting the history of Earendil and the founding of Numenor.
  • Crown-helm — (Arkarma, Ad."Helm of Kings") silver- and adamant-inlaid blue ithilnaur (mithril alloy) helmet of a Karma design, shaped like a stylized fish with a prominent ridge of silvery scales. It served as the Crown-helm of Westemesse.
  • Sword — (Aranruth,"king's ire") clear laen sword,
  • Shield —(Airenvëa,Q."Sea-wind") shield fashioned to resemble a sail.
  • Armor — mithril chain
  • Elros' Staff —The staff was a weightless, 6 foot long rod of clear laen
  • Amulet — (Yélombaron,Q. "Eye of the Mystic") Allowed the wearer to see through ('resist') any Illusion or Trick (enchanted or not, visual, aural or otherwise).


  • Elerossë
  • Gimilzôr
  • Indilzar
  • Tar-Minyatur
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