Elorna or Gimilthâni

Elorna (Ad.: "Gimilthâni") was a low, flat coastal region located between the Belegaer and Yellow Mountains, in southwestern Middle-earth, one of the seven Lands. The Onpu Mispír formed the area's southern boundary. A haven for migratory birds and other denizens of its vast tidal wetlands, it was ill-suited to herding, farming, or other industries. Accordingly, Elorna remained the same dense, and often impenetrable wild the Elves first spoke of during the early Second Age. It´s inhabitants were the Elornans and the Gimilthânians, a people of Black Númenórean descent.


Elornan Cut Elornan Shore Elornan Wetlands Kôr Bawiba Onpu Mispír Siresham

Places of Note


Fal Carth  Mispír Ûrulôni Ûrland Spire of the Flame​​​​​​​




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