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Elor once Dark (Av."Rising Star";PQ.Êloro) was a semi-legendary Loremaster and Half-Elf of the Elder Days.He originally was one of the Chieftains who left the host of Tareg after the Battle of Palisor and turned southwards where he eventually led his tribe, the Cuind into the Lands south of the Irid Laranor where the Lands of Elorna were named after him.

According to Legend he went mad and left his folk to become an unsteady wanderer through the Wild lands, the spurious Book of Elor told of his visits to the Mur Fostisyr, Vog Mur and his alleged succumbing to the temptations of Unlife and subsequently redeeming of himself.Elorion the Elf-friend was assumed to have been Elor's Son.


Outer Information

The Character Elor once Dark, was originally based on a player Character created and played by Pete Fenlon, one of ICE's Game-designers.The Character appeared in the early Loremaster Series and later in many Rolemaster Shadow World publications but also in at least two MERP Books.In Rolemaster Elor is considered a Half-Elf/Erlini Mystic.


  • MERP:Ents of Fangorn
  • MERP:Shadow in the South
  • LOREMASTER:The Iron Wind
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