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Eldarion (Q."Elf-scion"; W."Nimired") (FO 43 - FO 220) was the second King of the Reunited Kingdom of Arnor and Gondor. The mortal (and only) son of King Elessar (Aragorn II) and Arwen, he came to the throne in the year FO 120 of the Fourth Age. Due to his Elven heritage and perhaps his status as a royal child, he was rumored to remain physically youthful, almost adolescent in face, for much of his life. As King, Eldarion attempted to remain faithful to the reign of his father, supressing industry at the whim of the Elves, and continuing the use of Quenya as an official language. He reorganized Dúnedain society around families and familial decent, which gave both a “familial“ and ”noble“ character to Telcontari life.


The following Items were handed down as personal heirlooms of the Kings of the Reunited Kingdom after Aragorn's death. Andúril however was laid down in Aragorn's hands on his grave and was not used in battle again. Eldarion would forge many of his own swords, rich and elegant in design, but little is recorded of them.

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