El'ugni (Av."ice-blue") was Andai Inda'eir's life long friend. He was also a companion to Andai and helped him in finding the Book of Icelore, the knowledge of the Nazgul, and the magical sword Ugninur. Hellui was present in many battles, and was with Andai when he faced Mourmaelgax.


El'ugni was possibly a half elf like Andai-, in fact he may have been the one to become king of the Ice Elves following Andai's death. The items of Andai could have also passed on to him as he became Andai's best friend. This person would have been the closest to Andai since the loss of Andai's brother Aldarion. It is unknown what became of El'ugni, but he could have lived to rule the ice elves into the fourth age, he could have held Andai's items and went adventuring, or he may have chosen mortality like his friend and died. Whatever the case, El'ugni was one of the legendary heroes who saw much and did many great feats to protect his friends and loved ones. Given that Randae's companions consisted of a fighter (Ralin), mage (Chinta Kari), Ranger (Tash), and a Bard (Randae himself), it can only be assumed that El'ugni was either a Rogue, Monk, Warrior Monk, Healer, or perhaps he was like his childhood friend, a Bard.



Original Name in MERP/Rm: "Hellui"


MERP: Lords of Middle Earth Vol. II The Mannish Races

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