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The Chieftain of clan Gurgan, Einion, was a calm man and did not make hasty decisions, a property he did not share with many of the other clan Chieftains. Because he kept his clan neutral in regard to the Daen Iontis and the Daen Coentis factions, Einion was one of the prime factors keeping the clans from war. He was partial to the Daen Coentis faction, but showed no favoritism openly, so as not to give anyone an excuse for war against his clan. He openly disliked the Temple of Justice and their priesthood, whom he deemed an irritant. His attitude had caused the clans aligned with the Temple to be cool toward the Gurgans. Clan Gurgan also controlled several smaller clans: the Bertins, the Torbaets and the Nidlus.


The Original Form in MERP was Einion Feargan. Enion seems to be derived from the middle-welsh name Einion, Feargan seems to be a scottish pet form of the Name Fearghus.The old welsh form of Fearghus would be Gurgust, though here the welsh Name "Gwrgan" (latinized as "Gurgan") is used instead.


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