A huge, poisonous, predatory serpent. Ëgil's Viper was one of the strangest hazards of the plain of Talath Harroch, south of Mirkwood. It was said that these remarkable snakes had been driven out of other areas of Rhovanion into the Talath Harroch, but this seemed unlikely at best. In any case, the serpents were there, preying upon eggs, rodents, young animals, and (in the case of the largest Vipers) Men and Kine. Of a yellowish-brown color that blended well with the soil of the area, and with the grasses of the plain in dry seasons and in the autumn, Ëgil's Viper hunted in the late afternoon or early evening. It might spit its venom into a victim's eyes from a distance up to thirty feet, or it might bite and inject the venom in the normal manner of most snakes. The Viper's fangs reached up to three inches in length and could penetrate leather and, in some cases, even chain armor.
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