The City of Edoras

Edoras at later times

Edoras -Surroundings

Founded sometime between T.A. 2510 and 2570, Edoras was the capital of Rohan.

Places of Note

  • Ethelmund's Tavern - on the Plateau of the Hyll, beneath the southeastern side of Meduseld.
  • Alottments, Fields and Storehouses - in the easternmost Part of the city on both banks of the River.
  • Blacksmiths - a small smith-Settlement outside the town to the south.
  • Cavalry Muster Field - outside the city, northwest of the Town.
  • Cave - outside the city in the hillside northeast.
  • Cépa's House
  • Clan-hall of the Alhyllingas (Eo."Sheltering Hill-Clan") - on the Hyll Plateau just east of Meduseld
  • Clan-hall of the Andsacas (Eo."Opposers")'s - on the Plateau northwest of Meduseld
  • Clan-hall of the Beadoingas (Éo."Slaughterer's") - on the Hyll's plateau just south of Meduseld
  • Clan-hall of the Eorthingas (Éo."Earth-Clan") - below the Hyll just east of Meduseld
  • Clan-hall of the Haliheorotingas (Éo."Sacred Stag") - on the lower banks of the Hyll, southwest of Meduseld
  • Clan-hall of the Treowingas (Éo."Tree-Clan") - on the lower banks of the Hyll, northwest of Meduseld
  • Dúdrad's House - near the western palisade.
  • Dunharrow Road - leading westwards to Dunharrow and Helm's Deep.
  • East Gate - southeast of the eastwall.
  • East Watchtower - Towering the Eastwall.
  • East Hills- a hillchain outside the city to the east.
  • Eastvale - the eastern vale of Edoras, between Midvale and the Eastwall.
  • Eastwall - a chain of hills on the eastern side of Town, acting as defense to the east.
  • Eómar's House - in the northern part of the city, close to the main gate.
  • Éored Courtyard - in the Midvale.
  • Éored Stables- on the Plateau of the Hyll, beneath the southeastern side of Meduseld, just south of Aethelmund's Tavern.
  • Ford - leading over River Snowbourne north of Town.
  • Forge-masters - in the northern part of the city, east to the Main Gate but south of the Guard House.
  • Gálmód the Dour's House - a modest house in vicinity to Meduseld.Grima grew up here and still uses it on and off to shut away things he does not want innhis private quarters in the golden hall.
  • Gates of Edoras - North-Gate (Main Gates)
  • Guard's Halls- northeast of the Main Gates.
  • Hall of Béma - below the Plateau of the Hyll, southeast of Meduseld.
  • Hall of the Horse - in the central southern part of town, below the Hyll's plateau
  • Hall of Princes - below the Hyll, northwest of Meduseld
  • Healer's Hall - on the King's road, south of the Guard Houses.
  • The Hyll - the central Hill, a high plateau with the Meduseld in it's centre.
  • Hill of stacks - a Hill with Stacks of severed Orc-Heads.Outside the City on the northeast Road.
  • Horse Enclosure - outside of town, in the southeast.
  • Horse Yards - eight great yards, surrounding the Hyll of Meduseld, two in the south, two southwest, one west, one northwest, one northeast and one southeast.
  • King's Armoury - in the north-central parts of town, east of the King's Road.
  • The King's Barrows - along the King's road,outside Edoras north of town.
  • King's Guard Barracks - Southeast of the Hyll and Meduseld
  • King's Road - leading to the north Gates from Meduseld, splitting up into the North Road and Dunharrow Road outside of Town.
  • lookout station - outside the city to the northeast, along the Road.
  • The Lower town - the east- and midvale.
  • Mail Office - the Post-rider's Hall, right near the main Gates.
  • Main Entrance Courtyard - with the townspeaker's podium and a board for public edicts, wanted signs and news.
  • Meduseld -the King's palace on the top of Edoras' Hyll, overlooking the Hyll Plateau and the lower town.
    • Chambers of the King's Household
    • the Underhall
      • Dungeons of the golden hall
      • Well cellar
    • Entrance Porch and Doors
    • Golden Hall
    • King's Chambers
    • Kitchens
    • Library
    • Main Hall
    • Study
    • Treasury
    • Up-hall
      • Armoury
      • Attic of Meduseld
      • Eowyns chambers
      • Grima Wormtongue's Chambers
      • royal Healer
      • Royal school
      • Theodens chamber
  • The Midvale - the central valley, east of the Hyll and Meduseld.
  • Milestone - outside town to the northwest
  • New Town - the youngest part of Edoras, the easternmost parts of the City between the Midvales and the eastwall.
  • North-Road - leading north to the Wold and Fangorn Forest
  • Northeastern Watchtower
  • Northern Watchtower
  • Northwestern Watchtower
  • Old Town - The Oldest Part of Edoras, on the western banks of the Hyll below Meduseld
  • Palisade - surrounding the City.
  • Provisioners - near the eastern Palisades.
  • Relic-masters - near the Main Gates, south of the Guard's Halls
  • Riddermarket - on the plateau of the Hyll beneath the southwestern side of Meduseld
  • River Snowbourne - West and northwest of the City, joined by the Stream of Edoras outside town.
  • Royal Stables - on the plateau of the Hyll, beneath the northern side of Meduseld
  • Silver Horseshoe Inn - right beneath the western Banks of the Hyll.
  • Sleeping Stallion Inn - in the northern central part of the City, halfway between Meduseld and the northgates.
  • Southeastern Watchtower
  • Southern Watchtower
  • Southwestern Watchtower
  • The Spring - on the Plateau of the Hyll just below the stairs of Meduseld.
  • Stable-master - in the northwestern part of Town, south of the Main Gates.
  • Stag Tavern - on the king's Road, where the Edoras' Stream turns westwards
  • The Stream - rising at the Spring outside Meduseld, running though the Midvale and joining the Snowbourne in the north outside the Main Gates.
  • Suppliers - in the eastern parts of town, north of the east-gate
  • The Terraces - below the Eastwall


Before T.A. 2941

Aldor the Old Baimeldis Brytta Léofa Éolind Cyninge Folcwine of Rohan Folcwyn Folwyn daughter of Folcwine Fréa the Old Fréan Goldred of Edoras Háma son of Helm Herulf the Outlaw Hildeburg Meathilde of Edoras Merwyn of Edoras Rynelda of Edoras Swanwyn of Edoras

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