Man of House Hador


Genealogy of the Edain

The Edain also known as Atani (S. and Q. "Second People") or Fathers of Men were a collection of tribes that descended from the refugees of the Battle of Palisor, along with the Baradhrim, Daen and other wandering fugitives they comprised the Lintanoi -those who repented to have bowed to Morgoth. The Edain themselves were not one single people, but comprised three different tribes of Men - the Marachians (or Hadorians), the Beorians and the Halethrim.

The Beorians were a tall, dark-haired and grey-eyed folk, akin to many Men who had stayed behind in Eriador, the Misty Mountains, northern Rhovanion and the eastern shore of the Inland Sea of Rhûn.

The Marachians also were tall, but mostly fair-haired and bright-eyed, akin to many men who had stayed behind in Rhovanion and along the western shores of the Inland Sea. Both tribes were closely related in language (Taliska and Old Magol) and customs.

The third people, the Halethrim, were also darker, like the Beorians, but smaller and more stout and akin to the populace of southern Eriador and Gondor (the Daen-Peoples) and different in customs and language from the folk of Beor and Marach.

The surviving Edain of Beleriand either flew across the Ered Luin and contributed to the people of Eriador and Rhovanion, or settled the Island of Númenor to become known as the Númenoreans - the Dúnedain.

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