Ecthelion (Q."Son of the Spear-point") was tremendously strong and stalwart, outdone only by the greatest kings and princes among the Elves. Likewise his courage and strength of will was such that he could stand before Gothmog. He was tall (7*3"), but distinguished by a herculean physique uncommon among the Eldar. A mighty warrior, Ecthelion was a captain of Gondolin, the guardian of the innermost gate, and one of Turgon's two chief lieutenants. However he was best remembered for the remarkable feat of slaying Gothmog, the Lord of the Balrogs, in single combat. In that contest Ecthelion also died.


  • face of the pallor of grey steel
  • Fairest of the Noldor
  • fairest voice and most skilled in musics of all the Gondothlim


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