Ecthelion II was the son of Turgon, the father of Denethor II, and the grandfather of Boromir and Faramir. He served as Gondor's twenty-fifth Ruling Steward from T.A. 2953-2984, commissioning Thorongil's (Aragorn II) raid against the Haradrim in T.A. 2980. Thorongil took a small fleet southward and, under cover of darkness, destroyed a great number of ships docked in Umbar. He slew the Captain of the Haradan Haven before withdrawing with modest losses. Returning to Pelargir, Thorongil refused to journey to Minas Tirith in triumph; instead, he left on another urgent mission. The Steward never realized the Ranger's identity, despite the fact that Thorongil acted as his counsel prior to the raid against Umbar.

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