the Eastfold of Rohan

On the far side of the Entwash, to the south of the East Emnet, was the Eastfold.Here the grass was long and rich, and the pastures were well-watered by the many streams running out of the White Mountains (S."Ered Nimrais").Further south —at first perhaps mistaken for low-hanging clouds — these snow-covered peaks loomed like a shimmering fence.They formed a great east-west wall, which suddenly jutted up from pine forests in the southernmost Eastfold.


Aldlád Everholt Fenmarch Firien Holt Grey Wood Mering Stream Mouths of the Entwash

Settlements and Points of Interest

Alcla Reach Aldburg Beaconwatch Calenhad Cave mouth Dolimir's Hold Dorr-shâtroful Everhold Fenmarch Gorbelgod Gris-shâtroful Firien Hold Folde Farm Halifirien Imping Mering Steps Overwash Ruin Camp Sunbridge


  • MERP:Riders of Rohan
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