Eastfarthing of the Shire

The Rivermen and the Old Forest kept the Shirriffs alert along this river frontier. In the Bridgefields district, important local families shared the burden of maintaining a guard on the Brandywine Bridge and keeping an eye on the Rivermen of Girdley Island. Farther south, the Brandybucks carried the burden. In the last years of the kingdom of Arthedain, the Old Forest became a constant source of grief for the folk dwelling along the Brandywine. Only the continuing presence of "Old Tom"—that was, Tom Bombadil—kept the Witch-king from sending an invasion of Awakened trees and wights over the river. After the 21 st century, the Old Forest became the responsibility of the Oldbucks, the dominant clan in the northern Marish. Various raids and terrors emanating from the strange wood kept them familiar with the east bank Many Hobbits moved across the river in the latter part of the 24th century, clearing the most troublesome parts of the country and establishing the colony of Buckland. Thereafter , the Brandybucks of Buckland had their own shirriffs; over the centuries, they were usually successful in keeping the evils of the forest at bay.


  • MERP:the Shire
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