the continent of Easternesse in the early Second Age

(Q."Rómenóre", A."Anazûlê), also known as the Land of the Sun or Sun-Lands (Q."Anárnóre", Ad."Urêzayan") or Oronto (Q."East"), was a legendary continent that was situated east of Middle-Earth, separated from it by the Romenear.It's coastlines were explored by the Númenoreans in the Second Age. After the Fall of Númenor the remaining númenorean Seamen were unable to reach Aman anymore and found that the world was formed as a Globe.During their rare and exceptional expeditions, mostly searching for possible remnants of Númenor such as legendary Tol Meneltarma they found a new continent on the opposite side of Ambar, scholars debated if these New Lands were in fact the ancient continent of Easternesse, which coastlines had been altered by the great cataclysm, or if it was indeed a new continent, formed from parts of lower Arda that had before been hidden beneath the Seas.

Places of Note

Gates of Morning Haven of the Moon Haven of the Sun Kalorme


The shown map is roughly based on Professor Tolkiens raw sketches published in The Shaping of Middle-Earth and to some lesser degree his early drawing of the "World Ship" and the World of Arda, published in the Book of Lost Tales.

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