the Eastmarch of Harondor

Known as the East March the eastern part of the Gondorian province of Harondor lay east of the Malduin and Lower Carnen rivers and west of the Upper Harnen river, and was an arid area except close to the rivers. It was the last part of Harondor subdued by Gondor in the ninth century of the Third Age. Because the land was less amenable to cultivation, it saw the least amount of Gondorian settlement. Those that did settle there typically lived along the Malduin, Carnen, and Harnen river valleys. Most of the Haradrim population of the East March dwelt along the southern and southeastern borders of the district, near the Harnen. The East March was governed from Imlad Carnen, situated atop the southern bluffs overlooking the Carnen, some fifty miles above its confluence with the Malduin.


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