(Va."Valiant One") was the standard bearer of Manwë and champion of the Maiar. He commanded the forces of Valinor during the War of Wrath and was present in chaining Morgoth. Eönwë is a great tactician and strategist, often serving as general when Valinor goes to war.

Eönwë was approached by Sauron after the War of Wrath, and Sauron begged him for forgiveness. Eonwe told Sauron that he would have to come back to Valinor and be judged; Sauron fled and hid. Eönwë also knew the fate of the Silmarils and allowed Maedhros and Maglor to live and take the Simarils after they attacked his camp. Eonwe was said to love Áriën and protect the Sun from Morgoth and his Demons.

At the dawn of the Second Age, Eönwë came among the three faithful houses of Edain and taught them many things, blessing them with wisdom and power and longer life-spans. These became the High Men of Númenor.

Eönwë continued to live in Valinor and would undoubtedly return in the Dagor Dagorath with the forces of good once more. 


Eonwe's fána was that of a beautiful young Warrior in shiny mail.What reminded of his origins as a member of Manwë's Sylphs were his bright silver-wings.


  • Aurin
  • Auros
  • Aurost
  • Auroth
  • Fionaur
  • Fionor
  • Fiönwë
  • Hyrios
  • Hyruin
  • I3ônowêz 
  • Úrion
  • Yrion
  • Yrios
  • Michael, Uriel or Jophiel?


  • Armour
  • Battle Standard of the Valar
  • Helmet of Aman
  • Robes of Aman
  • Sword
  • Spear
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