Eöl the Dark-Elf

A halfblood of Sinda and Avar descend, Eöl (Av."Inventor") was accounted the most skilled of all the Umanya smiths, and the greatest Elven smith of all time with the exception of Fëanor and Celebrimbor. Eöl was renowned for his creation of the superlative metal galvorn and the forging of the black swords Anglachel and Anguirel. Eöl's personal history was grim and tragic, and likewise the fruit he brought to Arda. He was gloomy and aloof, scarcely caring for his own people, the Sindar, and possessing no fondness at all for the Noldor. He fashioned cursed swords, conceived a traitorous son (Maeglin Lómion), and murdered his wife Aredhel in the culmination of a long fit of madness. For this crime he was hurled off the cliff Caragdur to his death. He was tall (7'6") and exceptionally adept at learning. He was closest of all the Elves to the Dwarves—from whom he obtained his incomparable smithing skill.

Although Eol had been one of those elves who first did not take part on the great wandering and chose to stay in cuivienen, he later came to the Westlands as part of a wave of refugees of the host of Tareg, who fled from the eastern lands after the battle of Palisor.Eventually he and a small group of Followers, the Mole-kin, ended up in Beleriand, having followed the fall of a meteorite in which Eöl was interested because of it's special iron which enabled Eol to develop a unique alloy he called Galvorn.

Through his mother Eomo Kyalpa he was akin to the family of Elu Thingol, his father Aiar Eöwa was one of the Tatyar.


-dark hair
-deep , dark eyes
-noble but grim face
-tall but stooped by his smithwork


Important Dates:

  • Executed sometime in FA. 4th century.


  • Arval
  • Eol of the Mole
  • Eor


Although is is never explicitly mentioned Eöl's name is probably of Avarin origin and related to the Name of the name of the Vala Aule, meaning Invention.

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