Earnil I, the son of Tarciryan and nephew of the childless King Tarannon Falastur (T.A. 830- 913), was the second Ship-king of Gondor. A great Dúnadan Lord, he ruled as the South Kingdom's thirteenth monarch (T.A. 913-36). The most notable of his many achievements was the rebuilding of Pelargir, although many contend that his victory over the Black Númenóreans of Umbar ranked as a greater feat. Eärnil's army entered the city of Umbar in T.A. 933, but he had little time to consolidate his conquest. Only three years later, in a storm off the Harad coast, his ship foundered and he perished in the raging sea.

Principle Items

The following items were the hereditary possessions of the Kings of Gondor. All of them except the "Helm of Elendil" were lost when King Eärnur disappeared in TA. 2050.


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