Earnil I
, the son of

Tarciryan and nephew of the childless King Tarannon Falastur (T.A. 830- 913), was the second Ship-king of Gondor. A great Dúnadan Lord, he ruled as the South Kingdom' s thirteenth monarch (T.A. 913-36). The most notable of his many achievements was the rebuilding of Pelargir, although many contend that his victory over the Black Númenóreans of Umbar ranked as a greater feat. Eärnil' s army entered the city of Umbar in T.A. 933, but he had little time to consolidate his conquest. Only three years later, in a storm off the Harad coast, his ship foundered and he perished in the raging sea.

Principle Items:

The following items were the hereditary possessions of the Kings of Gondor. All of them, except the "Helm of Elendil" were lost when King Eärnur disappeared in TA. 2050.


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