Dyrian symbol


Dyrian Martial Arts

Little was known of the Dyrian (Dy."Dyrarr", "Mist-Men") people, since only occasional wandering bands of men are seen Their appearance was somewhat unusual, they tended to be shorter than even the Lossoth and had straight black hair. They were a semi nomadic people, and their warriors were always seen bearing the same curious symbol on their armor — a black setting sun on a red sky They fought well from horseback, usually with the bow, and on foot they were most well known for their unusually long, keen swords and expert fighting style .Many were accomplished in the weaponless martial arts as well. For all their obvious skills, the Dyrian folk appeared most calm and serene and were quick to share tales of their journeys Strange and wonderful stories of mountains of ice that floated on the sea, of flames that leaped from the ocean, of huge white-haired oliphaunts, and of a river so long as to dwarf even Anduin the Great could be heard from these wanderers.

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