The coal-grey Dwimorberg (Éo."Haunted Mountain"; S."Orod Faeren") was one of the higher peaks of the White Mountains, shielding off the Harrowdale to the east. Dunharrow rested in a cleft twelve hundred feet above Harrowdale and tucked into the cliff-side was the Dark Door to the Paths of the Dead. Hundreds of caves spread out from the tunnel-way, knifing deep within the bowels of the Dwimorberg and forming a holy burial site of the ancient Daen Coentis.

Orod Faeren was the name given by the Dúnedain to the sacred mountain of the Daen Coentis, after it had become haunted by the Dead at the beginning of the Third Age. Prior to this event, the mountain was known simply as the Morthond, after which the river whose dark headwaters sprang from its roots came to be named. Save only for Ceberas, Orod Faeren was the tallest peak of the Ered Nimrais, reaching a height of almost 13,700 feet.


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