The Dwarves of the Iron Hills had formed a Kingdom around their halls of Azanulinbar-Dum, Barak-Shathûr and some smaller mine settlements.Most of the Iron Hills Dwarves were descendants of the Broadbeams whose royal house's line had ended and who had instead sworn fealty to a clan of Longbeard heritage, the family of Dain II Ironfoot.They had also been joined by groups of Eastern Dwarves, Axes of Nargubraz of Blacklock origin who had attached themselves to the Iron Hill-Clans.

In most parts of their culture however he Iron Hill Dwarves had preserved their original Broadbeam traditions, as they still were the most capabl finesmiths and the only clan who was able to produce the light and durable chausses or chain-leggings their Warriors were known for.


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