Dwálin or Linnar III

Dwálin the Wise (Del."Dawdler") was one of the seven fathers of the Khazâd. He awoke, with his friend Úri, in Zirakbhund (Mallost), in the northern Ered Luin. He was also known as Lindormursbani, although this Name was applied to him after his sixth Awakening as Dwálin VI, a great Dragon-Warrior. His far-sighted neutrality in the conflict between his brothers of the Firebeards and the Elves of Menegroth also earned him his epithet the Wise.

Dwálin was also known as Linnar (a short-form of Lindormursbáni) or Lennar among the Lossoth.

  • Dwálin I - awoke at Zirakbhund along with his brother Úri and led his tribe to mount Dolmed where they built the fabled city of Belegost.
  • Dwálin II the Wise - rose to renown because he kept his people out of the conflict between the Elves of Menegroth and the tribe of his brother Úri and the sober-minded diplomacy he used to restore peace between Elves and Dwarves.
  • Dwálin III  - ruled in SA 1500 and received a Ring of Power
  • Dwálin IV - lived during SA 2400, moved by the Longbeards help, Dwalin 4 decided to help mine out a new region in the Blue Mountains for any Dwarves to take refuge.
  • Dwálin V - lived during TA 1300 and resisted the forces of Angmar, ends up killed in battle against the Witch King and his forces. He had passed his ring to Brúni in secret, but Brúni eventually lost the ring to the forces of Angmar and Sauron recovered two of the Seven Rings.
  • Dwálin VI - lived about TA 2500 and became known as a great Dragon-Warrior, earning him the name Lindormursbani, later shortened to "Linnar" (rendered "Lennar" among the Lossoth).
  • Dwálin VII - Awoke in the fourth age and remembered all the good deeds that Durin's Folk had done for the Broadbeams. Became Durin VII's best friend and aided him in reclaiming Moria.


  • Dwálin
  • Laurin
  • Lennar
  • Lindormursbani
  • Linnar


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