an orcish Sorcerer

The Orcish term for Magician presumably was "Dush" (Orc."Sorcery", "Sorcerer", possibly related to rhov.Dís, a "Spirit" or dunl.Dus, "evil spirit, devil" in the sense of "working with (evil) spirits")).Orcish magic was mentioned briefly by Gandalf, who talked about Magic words in the language of the Orcs.Also Orc-liquors and Glun or Orc Medicine seem to have had magical qualities similar to those of elvish Miruvor and Lembas.



Long ago, the Orcs of Mount Gundabad brought clerics and mages from Mordor to match those of the Men and Elves they fought.Sauron had begun to create goblins capable of wielding the Essence by selective breeding his Bolvags with chosen Acolytes, before he had sufficient Men and fallen Elves to serve him, and still preserved the line in the late Third Age. The Lord of the Nazgûl soon found it easier to train evil Men to his service, as they were generally more magically adept than the brightest of Orcs. However, the breeding continued in a desultory fashion, to meet the Orc tribes' needs for magic, and a whole generation of these Orcish mages and shamans were pressed into the Witch-king's forces.Among the Snow-Orcs of Forochel these shamans were also known as the Ar-rash.


In MERP Rules orcish Mages and shamans are considered either Magicians, Animists or Bards and can be occasionally lesser Orcs or Uruks.


  • MERP:Dark Mage od Rhudaur
  • MERP:Gorgoroth

Lotr RPG

The LotR RPG considers orcish breeding-masters and Warg-Trainers Shamans.


LOTRO has a special Class of orcish Poisoners known as Defilers who are also considered Shamans.


In the LoTR TCG Orc and Uruk Shamans, Healers, Breeders and Initiators are mentioned.


In the LotR SBG Orc, Goblin and Uruk-Hai Shamans are playable military units.

LotR Conquest

In LotR Conquest the orcish Mage Class uses the look of the Orc Taskmaster called Gordmúl by fans of the Movie Trilogy.

The Hobbit Video game

In the Hobbit Video Game Goblin Shamans appear.One of them being Crugbit.

Orcish Dushi of renown

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