Durlhach the Balrog-Lord

Next to Jäänainen, Durlach was the mightiest being to inhabit the Northern Waste. A Balrog of Angband, Durlach was imprisoned within the seething caldera of Morgoth's Well during the War of Wrath.

A mile beneath the surface of the living earth, Durlach wrought and coiled about his fiery lake in the form of a vast serpent, consumed with an insatiable lust for destruction. Fettered to the lake by an ancient spell of binding, Durlach assailed any who intruded upon his domain by the force of his will alone, draining power from all who wielded magic and spellcraft.

Unless summoned by dark sorcery, Durlach was confined to his prison and could only leave for short periods of time, wandering the subterranean tunnels of Morgoth's Well for no more than two hours before being forced to return to the warmth of his lava pool, and being forced to rejuvenate his sapped strength for at least two days before venturing out again. Of late (that is to say, the past few centuries), the magma of Morgoth's Well had been slowly rising. While this gradual increase was only an inch or two a year, time meant nothing to the trapped, immortal spirit, and the centuries only brought Durlach closer to freedom. Should the lake of lava at the bottom of the Well ever completely fill the caldera and overflow onto the Fire Tundra, then the bonds on Durlach would be broken and he would be free to terrorize Middle-earth once again.


  • Goeol
  • Ursa
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