Durkarian (Driugareda)


time period
about T.A. 1640

Driuecared (Old Rh."Driugareda"; "Soldiers Council") was descended from one of the evil families that conquered Rhudaur. He loathed the Dúnedain and the Elves and single mindedly sought their destruction. The Murnairtur was young, but competent. He enjoyed excessive cruelty, which lend a sinister quality to his insistence on efficiency. His looks belied his evil nature: he was slim, golden-haired, and blue-eyed.

Driugareda's troops guarded the northern border of Rhudaur. He commanded 1,000 cavalry, which were at his disposal for raids into enemy territory, as well as 4,000 foot soldiers. Five Ashâktur and 50 Grishâktur relayed Driugareda's orders to his army. The bastardized form of his name that Orcs used was "Durkarian."

The Murnairtur wore an artifact, originally wrested from a dragon's hoard long ago, that had been in his family for generations. It was a belt made from a fine steel mesh set with seven plates of polished stones, and it's clasp was a large polished and carved diamond, engraved with runes in Khuzdul that read "The Belt of Dúrin the Deathless." Seven other runes on the belt described the strength of stone. It was said to have been worn by Dúrin and forged by either the Dwarf-lord or Aule. The item was traditionally worn only by Dwarves of the royal family, but was so well known that any Dwarf would have recognized it instantly.


Original Form: Driucared (corrected to "Driugareda")


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